How to Maximise Agent Talk Time with Automated Outbound Calling?

Automated Outbound Calling

Automated Outbound Calling solutions are fast gaining popularity. They automate the outbound engagement process, make it more efficient, and empower a business to boost agent productivity. The software assists the agents to perform better and ensures increased productivity. It enables recorded voice interaction with the callers without any human intervention. It also allows them to place concurrent automated outbound call blasts to their target customers.

How Does the Software Increase the Agent Talk Time?

The software increases the agent’s productivity by maximizing their talk time. The outbound calling software automatically dials the contact numbers and completely automates the process. The agents need not manually dial the numbers, and their focus is mainly on providing an enhanced CX.

Two types of software are available: predictive dialers and progressive dialers. The predictive dialer initiates bulk calling from a set of contact numbers and connects the available agents to the customers. The progressive dialer dials the next phone number automatically after the previous call has been wrapped up. So, the software reduces the agent’s idle time by automating the dialing task and ensuring back-to-back connectivity with the clients.

Increased Agent Productivity

The software empowers the agents and the sales teams in many ways. Let’s find out the software’s benefits and how it increases agent productivity.

Call Status: It lets the sales team know the call status. The agents can share the auto-dialers information about the call status, such as query resolution, response status, busy calls, etc. Such insights help the sales team to take appropriate action. For instance, if the dialing process reveals a busy number, the agents can identify it and schedule a callback. It would be best to rely on a reputed cloud telephony company for the solution. The company will offer a feature-rich solution that will enable companies to benefit from the software.

Reduced Costs: When agents respond to more calls and attend to more customers, it helps the business get a high ROI on their call center operations as agents speak to a higher number of prospects and get more lead conversions in a particular period.

Alerts: The software sends notifications to alert the agents to take appropriate action. It reminds the agents to take follow-up or callback contacts in case of non-connectivity. So, the software assists the agents to take the best action to ensure that they respond to every lead and never lose a potential business opportunity.

Improve Customer Experience: The outbound calls enable businesses to collect customer feedback with quick surveys and polls. It helps the company understand the customers’ thought processes and make decisions accordingly.

Better Call Management: The agents’ tasks include calling the prospects and getting lead conversions. But they need to provide an enhanced CX to ensure they get conversions. It is possible with the software as it automatically sends alerts and notifications to the customers and the prospects at regular intervals keeping their interest intact in the organization and its products.

Better CX: The software offers an enhanced CX with personalized regional greetings and customized hold music. It creates a pleasant call experience for the customers and paves the way for a streamlined customer engagement process. It helps the business attract and retain more customers, which eventually increases profitability in the long run.

SMS Integration: The outbound call software enables the scheduling of automated calls and SMS that are part of the business campaigns. It helps engage the target audience better. Especially, during product launches, businesses can rely on the software and generate interest among potential buyers. With messages about the USP of the product, attractive offers, and discounts, companies can create huge awareness. They can leverage the software for product promotion and make their campaigns successful.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that the outbound calls software is an extremely beneficial product that helps businesses to make calling operations efficient. Grab the software at the best prices and reap the various benefits, including maximizing the agent time, optimally utilizing the resources, and ensuring better productivity. With increased agent time, businesses can respond to more calls, engage and nurture the leads and get higher conversions.

It would be best to hire a reliable cloud telephony company and get the outbound calling software to utilize the agent’s time better and enable them to work with a more focused and result-oriented approach.

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