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Understanding Meaning Of Relationship between a Man and Woman

How would you define your relationship with your wife? Is it sex that matters most in your bond? Sex is central to the association of a married couple and there could be no denying to this fact. Sex brings the married couple closer and develops a deep bond between the two. But sex is not everything as it starts from mind and only a calm and stress free mind can direct the genitals to initiate sexual activity. Ideally a husband should understand and respect the feelings of his wife. He should give her some time and make her feel secure.

Women are always interested in long term close relationship but men look for a short lived association. A man needs no reason for starting lovemaking but a woman needs to be charged for the big act. Using a dildo or any other women’s sex toy on your partner’s vagina would produce no result if she is tensed and unwilling for lovemaking. Ideally a husband should start lovemaking with friendly chatting, listening to his wife, helping her in doing things and charging her slowly for lovemaking. A wife wants her husband to love her and not just establish physical contact to achieve orgasm.

Developing close relationship with a woman is an art that men should learn. In short, men should take sex education that can help them think beyond sex and start lovemaking only when they get positive hints from their women. It is said that women are slow chargers and it can also be said that men start lovemaking when they are already charged and about to reach orgasm. Women want their men to explore their body and discover their sensitive spots. They want their men to love them and please them until they achieve full body orgasm. On the other hand, men want to use women as a toy.

The breaking point in a relationship between a man and woman comes when the man shows apathy to the problems of his woman and wants her to co-operate by forgetting her problems. In other words, some men are selfish and they are concerned with their sex interests only. They have nothing to do where their women achieve orgasm or not. Sex is the fruit of a close association with women and men shouldn’t rush to establish physical contact. Start slow and take pleasure in charging your woman. Enjoy every moment of life to develop a strong bond.

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