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Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router [Solved]

Orbi mesh system contains three networking devices, in which one works as the router (connects with modem). Other two nodes are satellites that works as extender (connects with router wirelessly).

It is an extra ordinary mesh system that simply fits in your house and connects with your modem network. Here, we will discuss a major problem that occurs sometime. The problem is Orbi satellite not connecting to the router.

Here, we will provide possible reasons why this mentioned problem occurring and how to dispel it with the help of solutions and tips. So, let’s start it with the causing factors.

Satellite Not Connecting to Router (Reasons)

Connecting satellite to the Orbi router is an easy process, which you can easily done by just hitting the sync button. Here we will share a list of reasons why your router not connecting with satellite.

  1. Internet blockage can be a reason why you are facing the connection error.
  2. If the router is not connected to the modem via Ethernet cable, then it is also cause troubles.
  3. Satellites and router must be in reach of each other, so if they are not then it is also a reason of the problem.
  4. Not configured Orbi mesh system from the interface can be a causing factor of the connection issue.

So these were the possible reasons why your router is not connecting to the satellites. Now, have a look how to dispel the problem establish the satellite to router connection with the help of some simple solutions and tips.

Satellite Not Connecting to Router (Solutions)

There will be five troubleshooting tips which you can use to solve the router to satellite connection technical problem. Let’s start the sections without wasting any time.

1.Unblock Interruptions

Networking interruptions can cause connection problems. So, to dispel the blockage, you have to the check there is not electronic device near to the router or satellite. Change the network devices location, if you find any electronic device near them to optimal spot in your house.

2.Confirm Router to Modem Link

Cable modem is a wired device, which sends WiFi signals to the WiFi router. It helps router to provide internet services to your phone and other devices in your house.

Making sure that router WAN port is connected to the modem’s LAN port can dispel the connection issue between the router and satellite.

3.Keep Satellite in Router Range

You must place the Orbi satellite in the range of the router, because if you choose a location that is far away, then you will obvious face troubles. So keep satellite close to the WiFi router in your house.

4.Configure Orbi Before Using Services

You can manage settings from the interface of Orbi router, but you must connect the router to satellite first. To configure the Orbi device, you have to connect the computer to the Orbi network. search the login URL, enter the credentials and reach to the interface, then adjust the settings.

5.Reboot Orbi Mesh System

At last, you can dispel the connection problem by rebooting the Orbi mesh system. Just find and press the power On/Off button twice to restart the mesh router.

Final Section

Here you have read the possible causing factors that explain why your satellites are not connecting to the Orbi router. Then, at the end we have provided simple to apply troubleshooting tips and solutions to fix the router to satellite connection.