Netgear AC1750 Extender Not Working After Firmware Update?

So, you have updated the latest firmware version of your Netgear AC1750 WiFi range extender in the hope that doing so will fix bugs, enhance its performance, boost up security, and take the internet experience to the next level? But, what’s this? Nothing has happened in the way as you have thought? Right after update the Netgear extender’s firmware via, the AC1750 has stopped working for you, isn’t it? Now, what will you do? How will you make your Netgear WiFi range extender up and running?

Worried? Don’t be because in this post, we will help you get rid of “Netgear AC1750 extender not working after firmware update” issue in minutes. Hence, let’s start over, shall we?

Fixed: Netgear AC1750 Not Working Issue

60 percent of Netgear extender users have reported that they face issues while accessing the Netgear extender login page, while 40 percent reported that they are facing issues while accessing the internet soon after updating the firmware of their AC1750 device. If you also feel the same that your Netgear device has started giving you issues after the process, then without thinking much, apply the troubleshooting hacks mentioned below. Here we go!

Power Cycle Your Netgear AC1750

No matter whatever issue you are facing with your Netgear AC1750 WiFi range extender, by simply power cycling it, you will be able to deal with many extender-related issues apart from the one you are currently experiencing. So, without looking for a second opinion, it is recommended you reboot or power cycle your Netgear AC1750 WiFi range extender right away. Wondering how to power cycle your device? Wonder no more because in the next section, we have provided you step-by-step instructions that will help you power cycle the device on the fly. Therefore, keep reading!

  • Unplug the Netgear AC1750 WiFi extender from its respective electrical outlet.

  • Thereafter, if you have connected your Netgear extender and router, consider disconnecting them for a short while.

  • Now, after waiting for a short span of time, reconnect your router and the Netgear extender and plug the AC1750 device back in.

As soon as you are done with power cycling your Netgear AC1750 WiFi range extender, see if “Netgear AC1750 extender not working after firmware update” issue has been fixed or not. If it continues to trouble you, don’t think much to try the next hack in line.

Check AC1750’s Power Supply

It is a possibility that insufficient power is being supplied to your Netgear AC1750 WiFi range extender. In that case, we suggest you check the extender’s power supply. Make sure it is steady, uninterrupted, and continuous. Apart from this, we also suggest you have a look at the power outlet into which your Netgear range extender is plugged in. Ensure that the wall plug isn’t damaged. On the off chance, the extender’s wall plug is loose or damaged, replace it right away.

Verify the AC1750-Router Connection

Sometimes, an improper or faulty wired or wireless connection between your Netgear AC1750 WiFi extender and router can also be one of the biggest reasons behind getting “Netgear AC1750 extender not working after firmware update” issue. For getting the issue fixed on the fly, make sure that AC1750-router connection is secure, stable, and successful.

If you have connected your Netgear extender and router using a wired connection, make sure that the cable has no cuts or damages on it. And, if you are made a wireless connection between them, make sure that you have accessed the correct SSID.

Reconfigure AC1750

  • After updating the firmware of your Netgear WiFi range extender, if it (the AC1750 device) is not working for you, then chances are:

  • You have interrupted the firmware update process

  • The firmware file got corrupted

  • You have downloaded an incorrect file or not as per the extender’s model you have i.e. AC1750

In such a case, you first need to reset your WiFi range extender, perform Netgear AC1750 extender setup from scratch, and then update the firmware on it again. This time, make sure you do the needful in a proper way, keeping the aforementioned points into consideration.

Need More Help?

Tried all the above-mentioned hacks, still, none of them bring you luck to fix “Netgear AC1750 extender not working after firmware update” issue? If so, then it seems like you are running on a slow internet connection. Yes, that’s correct! Slow speed of the internet also leads you to the issue. In such a case, contact your service provider and ask him to improve your existing internet speed by updating the device (router) or upgrading your existing data plan.

The Last Words

Now, with this hope that the above-mentioned troubleshooting hacks were able to help you out to fix “Netgear AC1750 extender not working after firmware update” issue, we end our post. We really anticipate that the firmware-related issue with your Netgear AC1750 extender has bid you farewell. Please share!

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