Resolving Netgear WiFi Extender Not Working Issue

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Nextbox WiFi extender is a great thing that you can gift your home WiFi system. When you are done with Nextbox setup  it (Nextbox WiFi extender) ensures that you have access to a blazing-fast internet all over your house. No doubt that this extender is an outstanding device. But, being a WiFi device, you can face certain issues with it. And, one such issue that a thousand users are experiencing is that their Nextbox range extender is not working as per expectations.

If you are seeing that your internet experience is being ruined because of the same issue, then don’t sweat over it. All you need to do is to walk through the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this article and know how to keep this issue at bay. Let’s get started!

Fixed: Nextbox WiFi Extender Not Working

Fix 1: Try Rebooting Your Nextbox Extender

Rebooting is one of the best yet most effective troubleshooting hacks as it is known for fixing many big technical issues with your Nextbox extender. So, before you try any other hack, start troubleshooting the issue by rebooting the extender.

Here are the steps required to reboot the extender:

  • Disconnect your Nextbox extender and router.

  • Unplug the extender and wait for some time.

  • Thereafter, plug in back your Nextbox extender again and wait till the power LED on it gets stable.

  • Reconnect your Nextbox device and the router.

As soon as you are done rebooting your Nextbox extender, check if it has started working for you or not. If the issue has become a headache for you, take help of the second troubleshooting hack highlighted below.

Fix 2: Now, Verify Your Cable Connection

Another reason why you are getting “Nextbox WiFi extender not working” issue is because of a loose and improper cable connection. Therefore, for getting the issue fixed, make sure that the cable connection between your Nextbox extender and router is perfect. Also, the cable you have used for connecting them must not be worn out. Got it?

Even after verifying the cable connection, if you are getting the same issue, then disconnect them (your router and extender), wait for a few seconds, and thereafter, reconnect them.

Fix 3: Kick off WiFi Interference

There is a possibility that the WiFi signals of your Nextbox WiFi extender are getting interrupted and because of that your device is not working for you.

To troubleshoot the issue, simply change the location of your Nextbox device and see if it has helped you troubleshoot the issue. Keep your Nextbox extender away from baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, gaming consoles, Alexa devices, and so on.

Fix 4: Now, Check the Extender’s Power

Maybe your Nextbox WiFi range extender is not getting continuous power due to which you are getting the issue. No worries! This can be due to a damaged wall outlet. Thus, for getting the issue fixed, provide uninterrupted power to your Nextbox extender and plug it into a working wall socket.

Fix 5: You Need to Update Firmware

Outdated firmware on your Nextbox WiFi extender can also be one of the major reasons why you are facing the issue. So, to prevent anything (technical issues) and to make the most out of your range extender, update the firmware of your Nextbox device right away.

Fix 6: Reset Your Nextbox

If none of the aforementioned fixes have helped you get rid of “Nextbox WiFi extender not working” issue, it is recommended that you reset it. The reason is, improper Nextbox extender setup can also lead to the issue.

So, without much delay, follow the instructions highlighted below and learn how to reset your Nextbox WiFi extender in seconds:

  • Locate the reset hole on your Nextbox WiFi extender.

  • Press it gently and hold it up for some time.

Now, release the Nextbox WiFi extender’s reset hole and configure it from scratch via re.nextbox.home

Summing Up

Coming across “Nextbox WiFi extender not working” issue has become quite common these days. But, you can consider yourself the luckiest person on earth because you have the fixes provided here. So, if you are entangled with the same issue again, don’t lose hope. Stay poised and follow the same hacks provided here. The issue will surely vanish in a blink of an eye.

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