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Netgear Orbi Mesh System Not Working [solved]

Netgear is a famous brand that provides networking devices like WiFi routers, modems, range extenders, and mesh router systems. Netgear Orbi mesh router is one of the mesh systems that connect with your home modem easily.

There are three networking nodes in the Orbi package box. The box has one Orbi router node and two Orbi satellite nodes. This Network device works as the router as well as the extender in your house.

But, technical problems can occur. Some of the users are facing internet connection, router and not working, or router to satellite link failed issues. Here, you will see possible reasons why your Orbi is facing these mentioned technical issues. Then, we will share solutions to fix these problems.

Why Netgear Orbi Mesh Router Not Working?

Here in this section, you will explore a list of the possible reasons why your Orbi mesh router is troubling you with technical issues.

  1. Incorrect cable connections from Orbi router to home modem and Orbi satellites can cause this mentioned router not working problem.
  2. Networking interruptions from electronic devices can block the router WiFi signals, so this can be another reason of the problem.
  3. Dust on the router and its ports can stop the router system and trouble you similar technical issues.
  4. Using the damaged cables like Ethernet cable and power cord that connecting Orbi router to modem and supply power to the router can cause the problem as well.
  5. Not configured Orbi settings and networks by accessing the interface using Orbilogin URL can be responsible for the above mentioned issues.

Now, let’s see how you can solve this Orbi mesh router system not working problem with the help of some troubleshooting tips and solutions.

How to Solve ‘Router Not Working’ Issue?

Here, you will learn how to dispel the ‘Orbi router not responding’ problem with the help of some tips and solutions.

Check And Correct Router Connections

The Orbi router can connect to the home modem with the help of the Ethernet cable and Router connects with the Orbi satellites via sync button.

You should make sure that router is connected to the modem with the Ethernet cable and it is inserted into correct ports. The pattern is WAN port of the router and LAN port of the modem.

Make Sure You’re Not Using Damaged Cables

Check if your router has connected to other network devices via damaged cables (Ethernet cable). Also, make sure that the power cable that is supplying electricity to the router is not damaged.

If you find any damaged or cut cable in the router connection, then replace it with a new one right away.

Shift Orbi Mesh System to Optimal Location

Electronic devices like microwave ovens can interrupt WiFi signals. If your router is close to any network interruption devices then replace the router location to any other optimal spot in your home.

Perform Reboot On Orbi Router System

If the router is not working after applying the above written troubleshooting tips and solutions, then you have to reboot the router system.

By rebooting the router, the interface will be refreshed. To reboot the router, just find the power On/Off button on the Orbi and press it twice. First press will turn of the router and second hit will reboot it.

Also make sure you have configured the router by access the Orbi router login interface after solving the problem.

Let’s Wrap Up

Here you have read out the possible reasons why your Orbi router is not working. We have also shared the solutions and tips to fix the ‘router not working’ issue. Hope, you have solved the technical issues.