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How to Connect Orbi Mesh Router to Netgear Modem?

Orbi mesh router system is also a Netgear networking device that you can easily connect with the any brand modem. You will find three main nodes in which one is Orbi router and two others are Orbi satellites. The Ethernet cable, power cord and user manual are founded in the Orbi box.

Here in this article, you will learn how to connect the Orbi Mesh WiFi router system with the Netgear modem in your house. We will start with the hardware connection of router to modem and then provide a section that filled with steps to access the Orbilogin interface.

There are other sections, which are added at the end of the article. One contains how to update your Orbi mesh router and second will explains how to change the admin password.

How to Connect Orbi Router to Modem Physically?

Here you will learn how to link the router and modem with the help of Ethernet cable is down written steps.

  1. You have to place the Orbi router node close to the modem.
  2. Now, you must find WAN port of the router and LAN port of the modem and connect the Ethernet cable to ports.
  3. Insert the power cord of the power port of the router in the electric wall socket.
  4. Turn the router on by pressing the power On/Off button.
  5. After linking the router to modem, connect Orbi satellites to the router by pressing the Sync button.

Now, it is time to accessing the interface of the Orbi router and adjusting the settings.

How to Access Orbi interface to Adjust Setting?

You can easily log in to the Orbi router interface by using the login URL via your computer. Let’s see how you can do it by following some steps.

  1. Connect the computer with your computer to the router with the help of LAN cable.
  2. Search URL in the web browser of the computer to reach the login page of interface.
  3. On the interface login page, you have to type the login credentials by using the user manual of the Orbi.
  4. Just enter the login details and click on Next button, you will reach to the interface dashboard.

From this dashboard, you can manage the router settings, update the router and change the admin password. Let’s see some section that contains firmware update process and information how to change password of admin.

How to Update Orbi Mesh Router System?

  1. Go to the interface dashboard and find Settings.
  2. Select the Firmware tab in the Setting option.
  3. You will see the Search and Update button, just click on it.
  4. By clicking the button, the router will start to upgrade and after some time it will be completed.

Now, the router will boot and you will see Orbi blinking white light means the Orbi router is booting up.

How to Change Interface Admin Password?

  1. Reach the interface of the Orbi router in your computer.
  2. Go to Setting and select the admin here.
  3. You will see the admin username and password fields.
  4. Type in your new password and save the settings.

Final Conclusion

Here you have come at the end of the article, where you have learned how you connect the Orbi router to the modem. Then, you have got to know how to access the interface through using your computer. We have also shared how to change the admin password and how to update the router firmware with simple steps.