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Linksys Extender Not Connecting to Router – How to Fix

Without connecting Linksys extender to router, you cannot perform any online task through the device connected to the extender’s network. Know that it can also stop you from accessing the Linksys extender login page. To stop such events from occurring it is advised that you address the issue as soon as possible. Given in this post is the information regarding the Linksys extender not connecting to router issue so that you can make the most of your home network without any hassle.

Solutions: Linksys Extender Not Connecting to Router

If your Linksys range extender is facing problems staying connected to the router, then its most probable reason might be the distance between both devices. May be you have placed both of them in two far rooms of the house. Well, you have done wrong. This way, they won’t be able to communicate properly. Thus, you are advised to bring both devices a little closer. But, know that you cannot place them very close as it can result in a clash of WiFi signals emitted by both networking devices and that too is not a good thing. If despite maintaining a safe distance, your devices are struggling to stay connected, you must try your hands on the following tactics:

1. Restart the Extender

Restarting the extender is the first thing that you are supposed to do if it is facing issues staying connected to the WiFi router. Therefore, do not wait for anything. Instead, get up and power down the extender by pressing the Power button. You can also unplug the range extender from its outlet. After that, we suggest you wait for a decent time period. Let us say 15 minutes. Finally, you can switch on your Linksys extender to see if it is able to connect to the router or not. If not, the next hack can be given a shot.

2. Replace the LAN Cable

Have you connected your extender and router with the help of an Ethernet cable? If yes, then it’s high time that you pay attention to the physical condition of the cable. It is supposed to be in a damage-free state. If not, then you are advised to get it replaced with a new one. A damaged Ethernet cable will only cause network problems. Apart from being damage-free, the Ethernet cable is supposed to be properly connected to the Ethernet ports of your WiFi devices and that will not be possible if the ports are dirty or damaged. Also, ensure that the LAN cable is connected to the correct ports (WAN port of the extender and the LAN1 port of the router) of your devices.

3. Fix Signal Interference

There are high chances that the poor placement of your Linksys extender is giving you trouble. To your knowledge, it rarely matters whether you have done Linksys extender setup RE7000 or have installed another model of the Linksys extender, you need to make sure that your extender is placed in a ventilated area. Especially, the extender must be located in a place where there is less signal interference. To be very clear, you should keep the Linksys extender and your host router away from devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies. You are also supposed to take care of the objects containing a large amount of water as they tend to absorb WiFi signals emitted by any networking device.

The Final Words

We are now wrapping up the post that focused on the techniques to be followed if your Linksys extender was not connecting to the router. It is expected that with the proper implementation of these hacks, you will be able to make things function normally. In case everything is still out of place, it is recommended that you reset the range extender and set it up from scratch once again. You can use the Linksys app or the login URL for that.