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Linksys Velop Stuck on Blue Light? Let’s Fix!

What happened? Linksys Velop stuck on blue light? Yes? Don’t worry! Blue color light indicates everything is good. But, if the LED stuck on blue light for a longer time than expected, it means you are trying to reset your Linksys Velop. If so, then it is important that you follow the correct instructions to execute the resetting process.

How to Reset Linksys Velop?

The instructions that will help you reset Linksys Velop are outlined underneath:

  • Ensure to plug in your Linksys Velop to a working wall socket.
  • If your Velop is connected to other devices in your home, kindly disconnect them for some time.
  • Locate the reset hole on your Linksys Velop and press it using a paper clip or toothpick.
  • Hold the Velop’s reset hole for 8-10 seconds and release it.

Now that your Linksys Velop is reset in a successful manner, the power LED on it will start blinking blue and become stable in a short while.

How to Set Up Linksys Velop?

To make the most of your Linksys Velop, it is important that you reconfigure it after resetting.

Don’t know the process of Linksys Velop setup? If yes, need not to worry! We have got you covered! In the upcoming section, you will get instructions to set up your Linksys Velop in a hassle-free manner.

  • Download and launch the app in order to access the dashboard of your Linksys Velop.

While downloading the app, make sure that your mobile device is connected to your Linksys Velop.

  • Once you have accessed the dashboard of yoyr Linksys Velop, tap menu icon and then you need to tap on Set up a new product.
  • Tap on Add Another node to xxxxxxxx.

Note this down – xxxxxxxx is the default WiFi of your existing WiFi network.

  • Now, you need to tap on To extend my Wi-Fi with a new child node and thereafter, you will be prompted to Turn on Bluetooth (recommended).
  • Once the Bluetooth of your device is turn on, read the instructions very carefully and know how to place the node correctly. Once you are done, tap next.
  • Plug in your Linksys Velop and tap Next. Once you are done, the power LED on the Velop will turn solid blue.