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I Can’t Connect to Linsys Router device! Help!

Linksys router is the best networking device to consider today. If you are an internet lover and want to access uninterrupted WiFi range everywhere in your house, then you must set it up properly using

But, 9 out of 10 users are encountering issues setting up their Linksys router. The reason is, refused to connect. If you are also facing the same issue, then this article can prove helpful to you. Yes, you read it right! Here, you will find the best troubleshooting hacks that will help you connect to for setting up Linksys router in minutes. Let’s get started!

[Fixed] Linsys Router Refused to Connect

The troubleshooting hacks that will help you connect to for the Linksys router setup process are as follows:

Check for Typing Errors

If there are typing errors in the default IP of your Linksys router, then also it will refuse to connect. For fixing the issue, check thoroughly after entering it ensuring it is correctly entered.

We have a technique for you that will help you doing typos. The technique is known as copy-paste technique and 99.99 percent of users around the corner have considered it. So, what you have to do, head over to the Linksys router’s default IP, select and copy it, and then paste in the browser’s URL bar.

In accordance to the technique suggested above, we hope that is now working for you.

Connect Your Computer to Linksys Router

If you are still having issues connecting to IP, then you must ensure that your computer or laptop is connected to Linksys router. There are two ways through which you can connect the devices. First, is using the wireless method and second is using the wired method.

In wireless method, you don’t have to do much. Yes! Just search for Linksys router’s SSID on your computer! And, once you find it, connect with it. How? Using the Linksys router WiFi password! But, in wired method, you have to put your hands on the Ethernet cable and connect its one end in your Linksys router and other end in your computer.

“When I connected my PC to my Linksys router wirelessly, I got unexpected Linksys error 2123. What is this? Help!”

Linksys error 2123 occurs when there is IPv6-related error on your home network. To troubleshoot with this problem, refer to the hacks listed below.

How to Fix IPv6-Related Error?

The fixes that will help you troubleshoot IPv6-Related errors are given below:

Restart Your Computer and Linksys Router

Technical glitches can also result in IPv6-related error. To do away with the problem, restart or power cycle your Linksys router and your computer.

Follow the instructions outlined underneath and know how to restart your Linksys router and your computer:

  • Turn off your Linksys router and computer.
  • After turning them off, wait for 5-15 minutes.
  • Then, turn the devices back on.
  • Reconnect them using the wireless source and see if IPv6-related error is fixed or not.

Update Your Device

Still baffling with the same issue? If yes, then we suggest you update the OS (operating system) of your computer right away. It is because of outdated OS that you are getting IPv6-related error. No worries! Get the operating system of your computer updated and get a relevant fix for the issue right away.

Update Linksys Router Firmware

Linksys router tends to release regular firmware updates in order to improve the security of the device, performance, and stability, including how to overcome with IPv6 connections. Remember that, improvement fix bugs as well as network connection issues between your Linksys router and computer. So, update Linksys router firmware right away and improve the performance of the device up to 60 percent.

Reset and Reconfigure Linksys Router

What happened? Linksys error 2123 is still troubling you even after trying the hacks listed above? Don’t sweat over it! Just opt for resetting your Linksys router and set it up from scratch.

To reset Linksys router, What you have to do – press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds, and release it. After resetting router, setup Linksys router again by simply referring to the highlighted term.

To Conclude

With the hope of helping you, we are ending up this article. We hope that the troubleshooting hacks we have provided here will help you troubleshoot refused to connect, IPv6-Related, and Linksys error 2123. More.