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How to Connect Setek Extender to Aeotec Smart Hub?

Setek WiFi extender is a network device that connects to any brand router via Ethernet cable or wirelessly through WPS. You can also link Aeotec Smart hub device to extender that help you to control the all home smart devices like TVs, ACs and others.

Here in this article, you will go through all the simple steps that help you to connect extender to Aeotec smart hub and set its app in your phone.

There are troubleshooting tips related to the extender to smart hub device connection at the end of the article. Let’s start this article with how to start the Aeotec device.

How to Start Aeotec Smart Hub Device?

In the Aeotec smart hub box, you will find the network cable, power cord, adaptor, Aeotec device and user manual. Let’s start this device.

  1. Take out the power cord, hub device, power cord and user manual from the box.
  2. Place it near the WiFi range extender and connect the network cable to Ethernet port of the hub.
  3. Connect the power cord to the power port and insert its adaptor into the wall socket.

Before turning it on you have to connect it to the Setek range extender, take a look on next section that help you to complete the connection task.

How to Connect Setek Extender to Aeotec Device?

  1. At first, insert the network cable to the smart hub Ethernet port.
  2. Connect its other end to the range extender’s LAN port.
  3. Turn on the range extender and Aeotec smart home device by pressing its power button.

But to control the device you have to download SmartThings app in your phone and complete the setup.

How to Download and Setup SmartThings App?

Here, you will get information about to download and setup the Aeotec’s SmartThings app in your phone.

  1. Connect your mobile device to the extender by using its SSID details (username and password)
  2. Now, you have to go to the Play Store app and search the SmartThings app in it.
  3. The download page will open up, where you can download it by tapping on the Download icon.
  4. After completing the installation, you have to open it and create an account to access the Aeotec device.
  5. Enter your Email address, name, generate password, and tap on Sign Up button to create an account.
  6. Now, access the app and add the Aeotec smart device by touching ADD (+) icon on the app.
  7. Tap the model you have, and successfully add the device, now you can easily add more smart devices to the Smart hub.

Let’s take a look at some troubleshooting tips that help to make the setup error free and make the Aeotec device performance good.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Before the setting up the smart hub device, you have to check that your Setek device is configured by using the IP address.
  2. Try to find an optimal spot in house to dispel the networking interruption issues in extender to smart hub connection.
  3. Make sure you have entered the correct user details to setup the SmartThings app in your phone.

The End Note

Here you have learned how to connect the Setek range extender to the Aeotec smart hub device and how to add it to the SmartThings app within simple steps. Hope you have connected the home extender to the smart hub and successfully downloaded the SmartThings app and set it up in your phone.