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Fixed: Red Light Issue with Linksys Extender

Linksys extender red light issue is the most common issue faced by a hundred users daily across the globe. No worries! We have got you covered! Look, the red light issue can persists due to a number of reasons, be it improper WiFi extender setup, outdated firmware, no connection between router and extender, or insufficient power supply to the Linksys device.

We assure you that, by the time you reach the end of this article, you will have a relevant fix for Linksys router red light issue. And, one more thing we would like to suggest! The suggestion is to book mark the article! The reason is, if you encounter with the same issue again, you will have the fixes at your fingertips for the issue in discussion. Given that, continue reading!

Linksys Extender Red Light Issue [Fixed]

The wait is over! The fixes that will help you deal with the red light issue are outlined underneath.

The first fix: First things first, restart your Linksys extender to see if this easy fix troubleshoots the issue for you or not. If it vanishes the red light from your Linksys extender, there is no need to apply rest of the fixes. So, to restart your extender, you simply have to unplug it from its respective power socket, wait for 5 minutes, and then plug it back in again.

The second fix: Now, you have to connect WiFi extender to router. Bear in mind, no or poor connection between the devices leads to the red light issue. So, connect your Linksys WiFi extender and router using an Ethernet cable or wireless source and see if it helps you fix the red light issue.

The Third fix: Bad location of your WiFi extender also causes the red light issue. So, try changing the current placement if your Linksys device. Keep in mind – that you won’t place your extender in a ground (lower surface), near to corner, inside cabinet, or away from your router. If needed, try relocating your router as per the location of your range extender.

Still No Luck? Try Other Fixes in Line!

In the event, you are still baffling with the red light issue, try some more fixes below:

The fourth fix: If the above-mentioned fixes don’t prove to be helpful, then it seems like the firmware of your Linksys device has become outdated. To rectify the issue, you need to access the Linksys extender’s firmware update page and follow the instructions on your device right away.

The Fifth fix: Resetting could be also one of the finest options that that help you overcome with Linksys extender red light issue. Why resetting? The reason is, improper WiFi extender setup may also let the red light flashing on the Linksys device. So, to deal with it, the resetting fix is suggested. Once you are done resetting the extender, do Linksys smart WiFi login and perform the extender setup process from scratch.

The Sixth fix: If your Linksys extender’s WiFi signals are getting interrupted, then also you may experience the red light issue. So, be certain to keep your extender in a area on your home where it catches no WiFi signal interference if third-party or neighboring WiFi devices.

The Last Words

Now, we are ending up our article. We anticipate that the troubleshooting hacks we have outlined above will help you get rid of Linksys extender red light issue. On the off chance, the issue persists, we suggest you contact your ISP. Why? Because of slow internet, the red light may blink on your Linksys extender. If your ISP fixes the internet-related issue for you, the issue in discussion will be fixed already.