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Setek Extender Power Light Blinking then Turn off [Fixed]

Is your Setek extender power light blinking then turn off? If you nod in yes, then this article can prove helpful to you. Over here, you will find some of the best fixes that will help you troubleshoot the issue in discussion in a snap. Keep reading!

[Resolved] Extender Power Light Blinking then Turns Off

Here are the fixes to troubleshoot the issue:

Restart Your Setek Extender Once

You can try this fix to resolve the issue at hand. The restarting hacks have proved helpful in a number of cases. So, let’s not waste much time and provide you the instructions to restart your WiFi extender right away.

  • Unplug your Setek WiFi extender.

  • If you have connected your router to the range extender, disconnect them as well.

  • Wait for 2-3 minutes.

  • Plug in back your range extender and reconnect it to your router. You can use an Ethernet cable for connecting your devices. Just make sure – the Ethernet cable you have is well-working and inserted properly to the ports of your range extender and WiFi router.

The power LED on your Setek extender will start blinking and become stable shortly.

Check the Power Supply

On the off chance, the power LED on the extender continues to blink and don’t become stable even after applying the above-mention hack, it seems like – either it is plugged in to a damaged wall outlet or not receiving a steady power supply from the socket.

Hence, to make the most out of your Setek extender and to fix the blinking power light issue, then be certain – it is plugged in to a damage-free yet working wall socket and the outlet is providing steady electricity to it.

Update Firmware

Perhaps the firmware of your Setek WiFi extender is outdated. Well, we suggest you check the same. In the event, you find the extender’s firmware outdated, update it right away by accessing the settings page of your Setek device and following the on-screen instructions.

Change the Location

If you are still facing the same issue, then you can try changing the location of your Setek device. Change the extender’s spot to optimal location.

Keep the following things into consideration while relocating your extender:

  • The new spot of the extender must be within range of your router. If needed, change the location of your host router also.

  • Your Setek extender must not be paced behind your computer or inside cabinet.

  • We suggest you – do not place your Setek device near to thick walls, windows, near corners, etc. Why? As it may hamper the performance of your extender and also result in the issue you are experiencing.

In accordance to the points listed above, we really hope that – changing the extender’s location will help you fix the issue.

Reset and Reconfigure Setek Extender

None of the fixes listed above bring you luck? If so, it seems like your range extender isn’t configured in proper manner, which is why its power light is blinking and turns off.

To do away with the trouble, reset your Setek extender and then configure it from scratch. Once you set up the extender in a proper manner, your WiFi extenders will automatically connect to phone, computer, laptop, etc. and the power light will blink and then become stable, instead of getting off.

To Conclude

Our article on how to fix Setek extender power light blinking then turn off issue ends here. Anticipating that, this piece of writing will prove helpful to you in making the most out of you Setek extender. If the issue is resolved, then with joy and with the hope of helping you, we are wrapping up our article.