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My Arlo Security Camera is Not Working! Help!

Your Arlo security camera is not working? Are you unable to do Arlo login because of this error? Yes? Need not to worry! This is one of the most common issues experienced by every 3rd Arlo camera user across the globe. Luckily, you are on this page! It means that you don’t have to get worried about such issues.

Now, without waiting much, scroll down a little and know how to make your Arlo security camera up and running in minutes. Hence, stick to reading!

Fixed: Arlo Camera Not Working

Fix 1: Check the Arlo Camera Battery

If you have an Arlo wire-free camera, then it uses four CR123 lithium 3-volt photo batteries. Now, what you have to do to fix the Arlo security camera not working issue is to unplug your Arlo camera and remove its batteries. Once you are done with unplugging your Arlo device and removing its batteries, reinsert the battery and notice the LED behavior on your Arlo camera when the battery door is closed.

On the off chance, the Arlo LED doesn’t light up, make sure that your Arlo is properly plugged in and the battery is installed in a proper way. On the other hand, ensure that the Arlo camera’s battery isn’t dead.

Fix 2: Connect Arlo to Your Router

If your Arlo security camera is not working as per expectations, then chances are that you have not connected it to your host router. So, to do away with the problem, ensure to connect the devices in a proper way.

Bonus Tip

Be certain that your devices are plugged in a proper way and receive a steady and uninterrupted power supply from their respective wall socket.

Is the wall socket well working? Verify it and get a permanent fix for the issue you have searched for. How is that even possible? Look, it’s simple! If your Arlo is not plugged in correctly and the wall socket in which it is plugged in is damaged, will it work properly? No? So, take our advice and consider implementing our bonus tip.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

In the event, the Arlo security camera not working issue hasn’t been resolved yet, ensure to have a good internet connection. By any chance, you experience crashes or ups and downs in your internet connection, you need to contact your ISP. By contacting him, you need to verify is everything is fine from his end. If not, then you can lend him some time and wait patiently till he fixes internet-related issues for you.

Still No Luck? Update Arlo Firmware

None of the above-mentioned fixes bring you luck? If yes, then need not to worry! Just ensure that you have performed Arlo firmware update. Sometimes, outdated firmware on your Arlo device can also make it non-working. So, do Arlo firmware update right away using  and your Arlo camera login details – and make it (the Arlo device) working for you like never before.

Need More Help? Reset Arlo

If your Arlo security camera is still not working for you, then we advise you to reset it back to factory default values.

Why We Need to Reset Arlo?

Resetting Arlo is needed in the following scenarios:

  • Arlo security camera not working even after a lot of trials
  • Failed to update Arlo firmware or Arlo not working after performing the process
  • Can’t do Arlo setup or improper configuration of the device
  • Unable to sync Arlo camera with the base station or the SmartHub
  • Connectivity issues between the host router and the Arlo camera
  • Arlo secure app not working

And, most important, lost or forgotten Arlo camera login details or unable to access Arlo login account page!

Now that you are aware of the reasons why you need to reset Arlo, follow the guidelines highlighted below and know how to reset Arlo.

How to Reset Arlo?

  • Ensure that steady power is being supplied to your Arlo camera.
  • Locate and press the Arlo camera’s sync button.
  • Hold it for a few seconds, and release it.

Your Arlo security camera resets! Now, do Arlo setup process from scratch and make your Arlo device working smoothly for you.