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DLink WiFi Extender Not Working?

Is your DLink WiFi extender not working? Yes? No worries! There can be numerous reasons causing the issue – like improper DLink extender setup, no connection between extender and router, poor WiFi, bad placement of the extender, outdated firmware, etc.

No matter what would be the reason behind the issue, know that we have got you covered. In this article, you will find tested and proven hacks that will help you resolve DLink WiFi extender not working issue from the comfort of your home. Keep reading!

[Fixed] DLink Extender Not Working

Here are the fixes that will help you troubleshoot the issue in discussion.

Restart Your DLink Extender

You must restart your DLink extender in order to make it up and running. The reason why we are suggesting you to restart the device is technical glitches. And, that’s true! Technical glitches are the most common reason behind affecting the performance of your range extender. Thus, to get the issue fixed and to make the most out of your DLink device, we suggest you restart it using the instructions below.

  • Unplug your DLink WiFi extender.

  • Disconnect your extender from other devices in your home.

  • Wait for 5-10 minutes – and plug in back the extender.

  • The power LED on the extender will start blinking green. Once the extender’s LED gets stable, reconnect it with your disconnected devices – and see if it has started working for you.

Change DLink Extender Location

On the off chance, you extender is still not working, then you can try changing its location. Maybe – your DLink device is placed in an area in your home where its WiFi signals are getting hampered by your neighboring networks. So, what you can do – move the extender to an optimal location – where it can work without any hassle.

Note this down – the perfect location for your range extender is at the center-most and higher area of your home – near to your host router.

Update DLink Extender Firmware

Outdated firmware on your DLink extender can also affect its performance. So, if you want to stop this from happening again in future, we suggest you update DLink extender firmware right away. For this – you just need to log in to your extender using dlinkap.local – access the firmware update page, and follow the on-screen instructions in order to update your device.

Remember that – your DLink device will reboot automatically once the process of firmware update gets completed.

Connect DLink Extender to Router

Have you connected your DLink extender and router? Yes? Then also your range extender is giving you issues while working properly? If so, need not to worry. It seems like you haven’t made a proper connection between them.

So, keep the below-mentioned points in to consideration while establishing a solid connection between the two:

Ethernet Connection

  • The Ethernet cable you have used for connecting your DLink extender and router should be in working condition.

  • Apart from this, ensure that – you have inserted the cable tightly in the Ethernet/ internet ports of DLink extender and router.

Wireless Connection

But, if you have connected your DLink extender and router using a wireless source – then make sure – they are placed at a safe distance and you have used proper instructions to connect them.

The proper instructions to make a wireless connection between your DLink extender and host router are as follows:

  • Locate and press the WPS button on your host router.

  • Wait for 2-3 minutes.

  • Now, press the WPS button on DLink extender.

In accordance to the points listed above, we are sure that – your DLink extender and router are connected properly. If so, then it is anticipated that the device (extender) has started working for you now.