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Linksys Router Login Password Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

Whether you want to install the latest firmware version on the Linksys router or want to change its channel, you have to get through the login portal. Passing through this router login portal via requires you to key in the password and username of the router. However, things can turn awry if the router does not accept the password. In other words, you get stuck with the Linksys router login password not working issue.

What might have dragged you to such an issue and what can be done from your end to get it resolved? These important things are discussed in this post. Therefore, without wasting a second, let’s take the plunge.

Why is Linksys Router Login Password Not Working?

There can be various reasons why you are unable to log in to the router because of the password but the common and the major one is the wrong password entrée. Perhaps, you are using the default password to log in to the router even after assigning it a customized value at the time of the setup process.

Therefore, rectify your mistake right away and consider making use of the new password. However, if you are sure that no admin password was personalized by you at the time of the setup process, be sure that you have not turned the Caps Lock key on while entering the password.

However, if you are facing the Linksys router login password not working issue using a web browser even after taking the aforesaid factors into consideration, kindly check the reasons mentioned below:

  • Use of an outdated web browser
  • You have used an incorrect password or input it in the password field
  • There are typos in the password
  • Internet connection is poor
  • Presence of viruses on PC

Resolved: Linksys Router Login Password Not Working

In the previous section, we tried to highlight all the reasons due to which the password not working problem might have arisen. Let’s move ahead and discuss the hacks to fix it so that you can perform a Linksys router login.

Update the Web Browser

Do yourself a favor and hop up to the settings section of your web browser irrespective of the browser name. After reaching there, check if it is running on the latest software version or not. In case it is not, then update it as soon as possible. And yes, do not forget to erase the browser’s cache and cookies. It will prevent the loading of the cached version of the router’s admin page.

Use the Correct Field

It has been noticed that most users make the mistake of entering the username into the Password field and vice versa. Chances are that you’ve also got your name registered with a lot of those users. Therefore, rectify your mistake right away by entering the password and username into their respective fields. Also, ensure that the device you are using to log in to the router is utilizing the home network.

Take Care of Typos

Perhaps, you were in quite a hurry while inserting the default password of your Linksys router and ended up entering the incorrect value. Of course, you cannot unlock a door using the incorrect key. Thus, to fix the Linksys router login password not working issue, type the password again. In case you are not familiar with the correct value of your router, consider checking out the user manual.

Check the Internet Connection

The poor internet connection can also lead you to the Linksys router password not working issue. Therefore, have a good look at the Ethernet cable connecting your WiFi router and modem. Is it non-damaged? If not, then know that the internet connection throughout your house will be poor. Therefore, get the Ethernet cable changed. On the off-chance, your WiFi devices are sharing a wireless connection, be sure that your devices are present within range. However, avoid placing them too close.